Post event release of Cart that Art 2.0 – Priceless Art @Artful Prices

ASHOK HARALALKA and 13 other contemporary artists from Kolkata presented, CART THAT ART 2.0 – PRICELESS ART @ ARTFUL PRICES, at ICCR. The exhibition is an eclectic mix of around 75 attractive paintings that represented everything from spirituality to various facades of Kolkata and a plethora of moods and melodies on canvas. This was the exhibition's second edition.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Cast of Romantic Noy, Sayani Datta, ParthaSarathi along with Director Rajib Chowdhury as well as veteran designer Sharbari Datta. A part of the proceedings from the sale at the exhibition will go to the Howrah based NGO, Little Big Help which had 15 children in attendance for the event.

The painters exhibiting in the program include Ashok Haralalka, Kavita Bhuwalka, Madhabi Sarkar, Nidhi Bhadani, Usha Bubna, Anamika Toshniwal, Debarati Roy, Anukta M Ghosh, Indrani Chaudhuri, Sanjeeta Ahmed, Sudha Jhunjhunwala, Sharad Jhunjhunwala, Shubhla Verma and Surabhi Agarwal.

Speaking at the event, artist and curator Ashok Harlalka said, “Since we are back for the second edition, expectations are very high and there is a demand for art as well.” He further added, “The exhibition has been inspired by the onslaught of e-commerce, blending the virtual with the real where the idea is to make affordable art available to collectors and connoisseurs.”

Actress Sayani Datta too was all praise for the exhibits. She said, “The paintings are not garbed in modern jargons. They are aesthetic representations.” Sharbari Datta on her part said, "These paintings surrounding me are enthralling. They are beautiful representations."

While all the artists were visibly excited, participating painter Anamika Toshiwala said, “Painting is a passion and I wish everybody comes and boosts our passion by buying the artwork, part of which will also be given to charity.” Another artist Anukta M Ghosh said, “This is a great opportunity to bond with art lovers and exchange their opinions and the sale is but a secondary object.” Painter Usha Bubna also added, "Not only is this a wonderful place to meet and greet other artists but we get to learn so much from each other as well!" Kavita Bhuwalka echoed her thoughts and added, "Each year we grow with the exhibition and hopefully we will keep on growing with it in the future as well."

The paintings encompass a variety of styles. From representations of old Kolkata in the works of Ashok Harlalka, sone with charcoal and mixed media on canvas, to the representations of the female form in the works of Debarati Roy or the vibrant representations of Surabhi Agarwal in paintings such as Cavallos, the canvasses are replete with deft brush strokes that can leave enthusiasts mesmerised and contemplative.

The exhibition will continue till 13th November 2016, 3pm to 8 pm at ICCR.