Eli Lilly and Disney Publishing Worldwide releases a collection of custom books for children who are living with type 1 diabetes

Eli Lilly and Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. (Lilly), in partnership with Disney Publishing Worldwide, announces the release of custom books for children of different ages and at varying stages of type 1 diabetes. Available in Hindi and English, the books feature a new Disney character, Coco -- a charismatic and fun-loving monkey who has type 1 diabetes. Coco, along with Disney characters, helps readers understand that with planning, families and children can still experience the fun and magic life has to offer.

In the first phase, two books “Go, Team Coco!” and “Coco’s Fun Activity Book” are being released. The books will be made available today onwards through pediatric endocrinologists’ and diabetologists’ clinics.

The Lilly Diabetes and Disney collaboration combines Lilly’s long history and deep understanding of diabetes with the magic of Disney storytelling to provide inspiration, thoughtful education resources and practical advice to families with children who have type 1 diabetes. In these books children and families will learn about type 1 diabetes, monitoring blood sugar, symptoms of low blood sugar, treatment, right diet, exercise and insulin administration etc. The books also include commonly asked questions and answers, which can serve as conversation starters for families with their children and other siblings or friends. Along with the books, a Coco plush educational tool with a backpack comprising educational material, leaflets, pack inserts and device demonstration kit etc. will also be available for children.

The Lilly and Disney custom books, debuted in the year 2011. And today, these are being released in India, just a few days before Children’s Day and World Diabetes Day, November 14, 2016.