Mamata Banerjee inaugurated Bhowanipur E - Aarshinagar

The members of Bhowanipur 75 Palli have taken up the challenge to discover the greatest 'Aarshinagar' which was inaugurated today by MAMATA BANERJEE, Chief Minister of West Bengal. In this biggest occasion we have tried to resemble this colorful joy through the means of AARSHI or Mirror in front of welcomed visitors. Within the mirror we get the clear reflection of life and characters, which not only makes our life lively but also makes us nostalgic. Our effort here is to reflect the gorgeous time of this festival in such a manner which creates the joyful coordination of the f3stival for eyes as well as mind. In our “AARSHINAGAR”, we have tried to bring in front of our viewers mainly the Glass-Cloth sewing designs and other artistic works from various states of our country showcasing the spectacular handicrafts and its creation. We have tried to establish the pleasant and charismatic look of our Ma Durga representing her divine existence.

Speaking to the media, Mr. Subir Das, Club Secretary said, “After the huge success of 51st, the entire team of 75 Palli is fully charged up for this year. We will be promoting young talent Mr. Biman Saha as an artist with a perfect theme which blends this 52nd year and make it a success story once again by showcasing this city of glasses this year. This year’s special attraction would be 40 feet Elephant & Saint Teresa’s live size replica which will be remain as selfie zone was unveiled today by our Hon’ble Chief Minister”.