Magma at Nabaneer, Tollygunge An Adda with a difference

An adda is a form of intellectual exchange among members, who were originally of the same socio-economic strata, but the process has democratized in modern times.It is most popular among the youths belonging to the so-called "middle-class intelligentsia". Although many Kolkatans boast of the city being the birthplace of adda culture, Satyajit Ray (in his film Agantuk) traces back the origin of the tradition to regular intellectual dialogues prevalent in Ancient Greece at the time of Socrates or Plato. Adda is a prominent leisurely activity in India and Bangladesh.

Magma Fincorp Ltd, the Kolkata Headquartered BFSI giant, continued Pujor Adda with the inmates of Nabaneer. The unique event was held on 5th October 2016 at the Nabaneer Home in Tollygunge, Kolkata. The Magma team comprising of 12 members went and met up with the Senior citizens and together the young and the old celebrated the Pujor Adda with Songs, Poems and stories from the past. While the young belted out the latest Bollywood chartbusters as well as the golden classics of Manna De and Kishore Kumar, the elderly citizens remembered Pujo days of their prime and also sang Rabindra Sangeet and recited Nazrul. It was an emotionally charged session that moved all.

Kaushik Sinha, Vice President, Magma Fincorp said, “The society around us is changing quickly and things which were traditional are giving way to the new. Our bridge with the past are our senior citizens. We meet them every year during the Durga Puja holidays when Kolkata dons festive look and through their eyes, live the golden days of past. These are sentimental moments which we all look forward to every year.”

Magma has been holding such events for the past twelve years and we will continue to celebrate the flavour of Bengal through this and several other events in future too, added Mr Sinha.