Goodliness is New Godliness

Durgapuja, the time for festivity, time for celebration, time for unwinding. The city decor is getting brighter each day passing. The wait is over. A week from now and the high-voltage celebration will begin in streets, corners, para's, apartments and where not.

But when we celebrate do we really think of those who are left out! Do we think of those who are ailing or physically challenged! Perhaps No. This year a city based health diagnostic chain is making the city twice. HealthETC a premier diagnostic chain in Kolkata is all set to take the celebration in a nobel way. This year they will arrange the pandal hoping for thalassemia patients in a medically supported transportation. On Sasthi morning these patients will visit the puja pandals, witness some of the events there, conducted by HealthETC and take an active role in presenting gifts to the winners.

Not only that, the company will also donate Rs. 1 lakh to both the martyr from West Bengal who lost their lives in URI attack. Till date HealthETC was known for its quality diagnostic capabilities and futuristic healthcare solutions, under the visionary leadership of Shri Sanjay Saraf and his son Shri Harsh Saraf. But now with these initiatives the company proves that only money making cannot be the objective of a business concern. They hope that many city based companies like them will follow their foot steps and will think other way around.

"Its giving us more joy and pleasure to share our happiness with these ailing patients and make them smile for sometime. We don’t need publicity but the blessing of those people who really matters." said Mr. Harsh Saraf, Director, HealthETC.

"My Family owns a trust by the name of my father. The moment I heard the URI incedent, I have decided to pay a small token of gratitude to the bereived families of our state. We wont get them back, but wherever they are, we want to tell them that we are with them." said Mr. Sanjay Saraf, CMD, HealthETC.