Abhishek basu. Sharod sree smoke free shamman 2016,theme song.

Sharod sree smoke free samman 2016, abhishek basu has composed the theme song of this year's sharod sree smoke free samman puja award The song is sung by celebreted singer Jojo mukherjee and Sayantan bhowmick.d song will be played in 250 clubs around West Bengal during puja,to create smoke free awareness.

The song is itself special as it has a new sound added to it by abhishek basu with electronic music new age dubstep, fused with shiv mantra and bengali lyrics emphasizing on smoke free puja along with d sound of dhak, dumb bell, shankh,darbukka (Egyptian drum) and handsonic(japanese electronic instrument).the arrangement of the song is done by Avik ganguly and the lyrics is written by alo basu. The song was recorded this 15th september at a kolkata based studio,on d occassion abhishek basu, prodipta saha, Jojo mukherjee and Sayantan bhowmick were present.the song is all set to release this mahalaya.