Miss Park Street An Initiative To Return The Glory Of Park Street

It was another February night…

Suzette Jordan went out with friends to have a couple of drinks at a nightclub in a five star hotel in Kolkata in 2012. At the end of the night, she was thrown from a car onto the street, bruised, battered, gang-raped, her clothes ripped half off. Her personal tragedy soon became a political football. That very night, our Park Street, our amour, the 'Queensway of the city of joy' had lost her all pride. Her all glows faded away. But this is not a four years old story. How could we forget Sergeant Bapi Sen? The brave heart Kolkata Policeman, who sacrificed his life in 2002, to save the dignity of a young girl, whom he even didn't know. We are ashamed. We are hurt. But we didn't take a single step to give Park Street her glory back. Once this merely six and half km long avenue was being treated as Champs-Élysée of the east. Dawn appeared here with its sparkle. The evening rolled down with cheerful joy and laughter. The melodious night spread over with xylophonic tinkling. The Queensway was, then, truly an evening paradise. Now the time has come. A group of Kolkatans stands up to return the old glow to our charming Park Street. Miss Park Street is the first initiative of the tributal ceremony. The ramp comes out from chandelier lighten ballroom to metallic path to show the determination to give back the paradise to the beautiful avenue.