Macneill refutes contents of notice as baseless, false and out of frustration

 With barely 4 days left for the release of the movie, Dark Chocolate has received a fresh notice from the advocates Khimani & Associates of Peter and Indrani Mukherjee with alleged misleading content.

“This is a deliberate attempt to disturb the launch of the movie. The court in its order had given the authority to the Censor Board to release the certificate if they deem fit. The movie has been censored both in Bengali and Hindi. You will find the censor certificate attached. Now this new baseless notice,” said Mr Pradip Churiwal, producer of the movie and owner of Macneill Engineering Ltd.

M/s. Khimani & Associates – Advocates for Mr Peter Mukherjee and Ms. Indrani Mukherjee have again issued legal notices to CBFC and producer”s advocate with false, misleading and illegal contents, Mr Churiwal added. 

They have referred extract from 1 st  Order passed by Hon’ble High Court, Mumbai, on 17.02.2016 which was modified by another Order dated 07.04.2016 and in the modified Order the Court refused to pass any order under the prayer  made in from petitioner and allowed us to complete the movie and present the same for Censor in usual course.  CBFC was asked to submit copies of Censor Certificates. 

On 17.02.16 (1 st  day of Hearing) Hon’ble High Court was informed that Film is at post production stage and will take 20 days and during that period no further publicity will be made and Hon’ble Court accepted the same as undertaking for 20 days, and subsequently permitted for Censor certification and accordingly under clearance from CBFC Censor Office at Kolkata screened the movie at Kolkata and issued separate Certificates for Hindi and Bengali Version. 

They also approved trailer and posters as per the procedure and issued certificates for their approval.  There is no violation or contempt of any Court Order as falsely alleged.  “We feel that one TV Channel has come out with lot of tapes showing the evidences of involvement of the petitioners, and out of frustration they have made this desperate attempt to stop release of our film which is getting released on 2 nd  September 2016 all over India,” Mr Churiwal said.

“We are very shocked by these needless legal hassles. I have made a film. It’s inspired from a real life murder, but the creation is a work of fiction. I simply don’t understand why are they so scared about the content of this movie,” said Director Agnidev Chatterjee.   “I am an actor and I have portrayed a very difficult role. I just wish people can see the film,” Mahima Chaudhury, who plays Ishani Banerjee, said.

The movie is slated for release on September 2 across India in over 250 theatres.