Fortis Healthcare dedicates ‘Wall of Tribute’ to Organ Donors

Fortis Healthcare Limited today dedicated a ‘Wall of Tribute’, at the hospital in Anandapur, as a mark of respect to donors and their families who helped save lives almost lost. The initiative is supported by the Fortis Organ Retrieval and Transplant (FORT). The event was flagged off by Dr. Shashi Panja, Hon’ble Minister of State - Health & Family Welfare Department (Govt. of West Bengal), Mr. Samir Singh, Zonal Director, Fortis Healthcare Ltd (East) and Dr. Avnish Seth, Director, Fortis Organ Retrieval & Transplant.

Fortis believes in the cause of organ donation. Fortis Healthcare, Anandapur brings to the City of Joy, the ‘Wall of Tribute’ as an acknowledgment to the magnanimous souls who donated their organs that saved costly lives. The wall mentions the names of the donors along with the dates when their organs were donated. This is a first of its kind initiative by Fortis Healthcare to promote organ donation in the country. Fortis Hospital, Anandapur took this opportunity to pay homage and salute the families of the donors who led the stepping stones for cadaveric organ transplant in West Bengal. Late Sovona Sarkar donated her Kidneys and Corneas, Late Samar Chakraborty donated his Liver and Late Sutapa Basu donated her Corneas.

The donation rate in India was only 0.5 donors per million in 2015. This is far lesser than 30 donors per million in many western countries. However, it is reported that since 2012, the rate of organ donation has improved. The rate is better among southern Indian states as against other Indian states. There is a clear need to create more awareness among people. The ‘Wall’ is erected to generate positive perception towards organ donation.

Mr. Bhavdeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Fortis Healthcare Limited said, “This initiative is our humble tribute to the deceased as well as their families who have been so noble as to save the lives of strangers. There is a wide chasm between the increasing demand of organs for people at end stages and the paucity of the same. Adding to the complexity is the lack of awareness, simultaneously surrounded by superstitions which present themselves as the key obstacles. Donating organs is a humanitarian cause that will gain momentum with increasing awareness in society. At Fortis, we will continue to contribute as much as we can by educating people and saving more and more lives. We hope this ‘Wall of Tribute’ inspires all, and reminds us that each one of us has more to give.”