Music Launch Of It’s Basanto

“Its Basanto”, a B.S Enterprise Production and presented by G-Films recently launched its music and poster on the 18th of February 2016 at Acropoliis Mall. The music and poster of the movie was launched in the presence of Rupam Islam, Rupankar Bagchi, Mainak Banerjee, Director Aditya Roy Banerjee, Music Director Adrita Jhinuk, Dikbijoy and Ritobrata Jana (singers). The music of the movie has been scored by Adrita Jhinuk whereas Aditya Roy Banerjee is the captain of the ship. The music album consists of some awesome numbers and it has six songs in total,It’s Basanto Title Track by Rupam Islam, O Love You Jana by Adrita & Sujoy, Chapa Moner Ichhe by Rupankar, Boye Jaye Ei Samay by Madhuraa, Tumi Amar by Adrita & Dikbijoy and Boye Jaye Ei Samay by Madhuraa & Ritobrata. talking about the movie’s storyline, It’s Basanto revolves around the retro and the metro love stories specifically old-age love and mordern-age love and has some interesting twists & turns for the viewers to enjoy. Paran Bandopadhaye and Lili Chakrabarty love each other since their college days but unfortunately they couldn’t make it a success but now they have met after years and they don’t want to miss this chance, suddenly the story twists and a mess happens which, We’ll have to stop here, you’ve to go to watch the movie to see what happens next.