When Indian ragas met expressions of life on white canvas A unique concert in aid of charity by Father & Daughter Duo

West Bengal, 22nd July 2016 : The musical evening with exclusive paintings was not less than a real life expression which echoed and reached the ears in the form of music and filled the eyes with unique sketches of feelings, marking the evening with great splendor and zeal at the Weavers Studio. The tour of expressions in its myriad dimensions was portrayed through Indian ragas by Dr. Avijit Ghosh and presenting the human lives through her exclusive paintings by Ms. Prerona Ghosh. The programme would be a duet recital in between sarod and painting. The father and daughter duo wove the entire concert with their immaculate performance. The evening witnessed guest appearances of Shri Urnabh Haldar on Painting and Shri Gopal Prasad Das on Tabla. The accompanists Shri Haldar and Shri Das enlivened the show with their respective contributions.

Weavers Studio, Centre for the Arts presented a first of its kind concert in aid of charity by Father & Daughter Duo, Dr. Avijit Ghosh Playing Sarod and Ms. Prerona Ghosh Painting Live. The event was initiated to raise funds for the needy. The programme was a duet recital in between sarod and paintings based on the real life expressions with Indian ragas. Ms. Prerona Ghosh painted on a white canvas of her own creations with the feel of Indian ragas which were performed by Dr. Avijit Ghosh. Shri Urnabh Haldar performed a last episode with one last situation based on Indian raga, followed up by Shri Gopal Prasad Das on Tabla. The evening witnessed a unique and creative live event where Indian ragas in paintings were used for expressions of situations of the day.

The marvelous show conceptualized Dr. Ghosh was put together by the Father-Daughter duo, is an attempt, aims at promoting and nourishing the traditional Indian ragas and expressive paintings through the concerts. The paintings of Ms. Prerona Ghosh were the rendition of powerful and incredible talent by the younger generation of today. The short and crisp ragas and compositions of paintings were just the appropriate treat for all in the studio.

The hour long splendid musical journey was a unique initiative to express the human feelings through Indian ragas and first of its kind paintings and the guests took the audience to the heights of passion with their respective enunciations of feelings as present in Indian art and music. The wonderful emotions, feelings and expressions of life were represented in the most resplendent colours throughout the evening.