8 Bengali Celebrity Break Ups That Came As A Shock

Break ups are always painful. While dealing with heartbreak can be a challenge, it's weird how we go through the same sort of feeling when our favorite stars part their ways. Often, the viewers would root for their beloved celebrities and secretly pray so that they get back together. However, at the end of the day, we learn to accept and move on. However, some break up news takes more time to digest than others. Here we listed eight heavyweight couples whose break up news left us shocked.

Raj Chakraborty-Mimi

Although they never made it official, Raj and Mimi's relationship was an open secret to everyone in the industry. The director and actress duo were going strong and just when we felt they are all set to say 'I do', the breakup news hit us badly. The couple, who tried hard to keep their relationship under the wrap, didn't hesitate to call it quits on the media. While Raj blamed it on Mimi's fling with her Turkish friend, Mimi denied the allegations, stating everything as a result of a misunderstanding.

Jeet-Swastika Mukherjee

After a scandalous case of separation, when Swastika Mukherjee started her film career, her on-screen pairing with Jeet clicked instantly with the audience and they became the talk of the town within a few days. The hottest couple of Tollywood would often be spotted together in parties and late night shows. The reason behind their break up remains a mystery, however, some would point out the sizzling chemistry between Jeet and Koel as the cause of the split.


When the young heartthrobs met on the set of 'Challenge', sparks flew instantly and they became the 'it couple' of Tollywood. Dev and Subhasree constantly denied the link ups calling each other 'good friends' until they had broken up! "She was very close to me, the closest person in my life. I think I too was the closest person in her life.... But I didn’t expect this kind of a climax to my love story", told Dev in an interview, who has clearly moved on with her supermodel friend Rukmini. On the other hand, the rumors of Raj Chakraborty and Subhasree link ups are keeping gossip mongers on the toe.

Swastika Mukherjee - Parambrata Chatterjee

They made a dream-comes-true couple for their fans. The duo came close during the shoot of 'Break Fail' and started dating in no time. They made it to the headlines of every film magazine as the most desirable pair of the tinsel town. Swastika also heard saying, 'this is it' echoing our thoughts. However, destiny had something else written fro them. Their relationship hit a rough patch when Swastika's estranged husband filed a case against Parambrata. The duo parted their ways as the latter went to Bristol and started dating Ike.

Raj Chakraborty - Payel Sarkar

Before Raj and Mimi Chakraborty became the talk of the town, the director known for his multiple relationships was seeing Payel Sarkar, the leading actress of Raj's several films. It came to everyone's notice after Sarkar couldn't stop praising her director for his contribution towards his success. Anyway, the duo broke up and Payel went on record to say, "Raj and I were never meant for each other. Our outlook towards life is different. Memories fade with time...he doesn't matter to me anymore. Raj is a closed chapter," after the separation.

Swastika Mukherjee - Srijit Mukherjee

Among the numerous link ups of Srijit Mukherjee, his romance with Swastika Mukherjee took the T-town by the storm. Although both remain tight-lipped about the entire matter, it was reported that the director is serious about his relationship so much so that he dropped in Shantiniketan to meet his lady love during the shoot of 'Basanta Utsav'. However, the duo failed to overcome the hard time and they broke up leaving us wondering what might have caused the breakup.

Q - Rii

Q and Rii seemed to be inseparable when they joined forces both on and off screen. Rii turned down the offer of Bigg Boss for spending time with his beau. They almost became a poster couple of indie cinema of Tollygunge industry, but before that their break up made it to the news. The out-of-the-box filmmaker and award-winning actress took the decision gracefully and kept on working in films even after ending the relationship.

Paoli Dam - Vikram Chatterjee

When now fan's favorite hunk Vikram Chatterjee debuted on the silver screen, he was badly bashed for being an expressionless actor. The identity of Paoli's boyfriend became a challenge for Chatterjee what ruined their relationship which was adored by their fans. Anyway, post-break up, Vikram cleared her stand saying, "Paoli is a very special person in my life. " He also called Paoli as his mentor who taught him acting.