Boss 2: Back to Rule

Reviewed By :Souvik Saha

Direction - Baba Yadav.
Music Director - Jeet Gannguli.
Releasing - 26 June 2017.
Starcast : Jeet, Subhashree, Nusraat Faria , Indraneil Sengupta, Amit Hassan, Koushik Sen , Biswanath and others

100% Paisa Vasool Entertainer!

Story: :

Surya, the man who taught his people the art of dreaming and making their dreams come true, has now turned into their biggest enemy. People want him arrested and hanged as they suspect him to be a cheat, who has wrongfully run away with Rs.35, 000 Crores. But can Surya deceive and cheat the ones whom he has lived for? This question is answered in 'Boss 2', and the process is filled with excitement, thrill, shock, emotions and, last but not the least, action.

Performances: :

Who else? JEET: comes up with a stunning performance. His dialogue delivery and expressions will send a tingle down your spine. He exudes pure menace when giving a 'dhamki' to his opponents. He has shown nice variations in his performance. And he looks stunningly handsome as usual. Jeet shoulders this movie on his own. The swagger, the attitude and his panache will be a big draw.

Subhasree Ganguly looks gorgeous as Rusha and she has some interesting moments with Jeet. She does not have much scope for performance however.Nusraat Faria was awasome. She has a bright future in the industry. .

Indraneil Sengupta’s get-up is good and he looks different and performs to the perfection.Kousik Sen is good. Chiranjit Chakraborty is apt. . Biswanath is cool as follower of hero.

Technical Aspects :

Baba Yadav is the other invisible hero of the movie. , for some of the best dialogues seen in recent times. Each dialogue explodes like a bullet and when delivered by Jeet, the result is devastatingly effective. The movie is high on entertainment factor and there is hardly a boring moment in the film. The sequences where Jeet sets about establishing his dominance are highly innovative.

Dialogues..Dialogues and Dialogues...They are an incredible asset to the movie. The timing is perfect and the punch is incredible. Cinematography is good. Editing is neat. .Music by Jeet Ga>nguli is an asset. The background music is pretty good. All the songs have been picturized well but 'ureche mon' stand out for their sheer beauty.

Screenplay is highly entertaining and narration is fast paced.The action sequences also have been well choreographed

Verdict ::

Boss 2 is Jeet's show all the way. And what a show it is. He just towers over the movie with his sheer presence and he is aided by some incredible dialogues . The film is high on entertainment quotient. Ignore some of the illogical sequences and the holes in the plots and you are in for a highly enjoyable ride. This is as good as paisa vasool entertainers get. Go and have fun with your friends this weekend. You will enjoy this flick.