Starring : Jeet , Subhashree , Sayantika & others.

Produced by : Reliance Entertainment, Walzen Media Works Pvt. Ltd. & Grassroot Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Direction : Raj Chakraborty

Rating :4/5


Sabyasachi Chakraborty is a multi-billionaire in Italy. Adi (Jeet) is his grandson. Sabyasachi Chakraborty disowns his daughter Anjana Basu when she marries a guy of her choice. Sabyasachi Chakraborty and Anjana Basu have no communication for decades. After getting old, Sabyasachi Chakraborty who is going through guilt asks Jeet to convince his daughter and bring her back. The rest of the story is all about how Jeet convinces his Aunt and fulfils the wish of his grandfather.


Jeet: Jeet has two primary abilities. One is his ability to entertain with his unique and trademarked body-language. Other ability to show intensity and conviction in his dialogues and eyes while doing a serious scenes. Raj knows how to exploit these two abilities to get maximum entertainment and intensity (sentiment in this film) from Jeet. Jeet has a fascination towards acquiring world tastes . At the same time, he is best at doing mass stuffs (Selfie step in this film for example). The character of Adi has given him a chance to exhibit his full range of acting and entertaining skills. He has given his career best performance in the climax of this film. Entertaining crowds comes naturally to him and he delivers the finest entertainment in this movie. His dance movements are entertaining and hilarious in some songs (especially Selfie song).

Others: Everyone feels that Subhasree has more importance and screen time. But both Subhasree and Sayantika have equal importance, thus making justice for two heroine formula.Subhasree’s ‘golden leg’ run continues with this film as well. She has done very well. There is less of a romance angle in the film. But Subhasree made she that she hogs limelight in all the scenes she is in. Sayantika has done a nice job as a modern girl who is forced to be traditional. Sabyasachi Chakraborty is excellent as an ailing grandfather and entire film runs on him though his screen space is less. Anjana Basu is dignified in a key role and her performance becomes an essential to make this story work. Kanchan Mullick And Kharaj is excellent . Biswanath is cool and entertaining as Jeet’s assistant. There are a couple of powerful and heart touching dialogues given to him. Sudip Mukherjee gets an important role . Kaushik Banerjee plays a dignified role of Jeet’s father.Swastika Dutta also good.

Technical departments:

Story - screenplay - direction: The official remake of Telugu super hit movie Attarintiki Daredi.It’s a simple story of a guy who wants to unite two families. What makes this simple story work is the setting up of backdrops and treatment given by Raj. Raj has a finest class taste. He has implemented all his worldly knowledge and taste into creating characters . He has also made sure that there is loads of entertainment and right sentiment in key scenes. The dialogue writer helps him in getting the mood of scene across to the audiences with humor dialogues and sugar-coated message-oriented dialogues. Raj has exploited the strengths of Jeet to maximum extent to entertain us. There are over 5-6 key sentiment (family oriented scenes) that bind the entire story. He filled the rest of the story with pure entertainment. Though we laugh with crowds in entertainment scenes, it’s the family oriented scenes that stays with you when you come out of the theater.

Other departments: Music by Suddho Roy is excellent. The background music is so good that you will not notice it (which means that bgm goes with flow and don't dominate it). All songs are well scored and excellently shot. My personal favorite is ‘Selfie’. song has excellent steps in it. Title song song sets the tone to the film. Saiyaan and Mon Bechara is classy. . . The right dialogues touch your heart at the right moment. Action sequences choreographed by Baba Yadav are excellent and entertaining. Editing by Md. Kalam is smooth. Production values by Grassroot and Reliance are excellent.


First half of the film is superb and second half is equally very good. Jeet’s performance and Raj’s excellent story telling skill makes sure that your heart is touched at times and heartily laugh all the time while watching the movie. Jeet redefines the entertainment value with his performance in Abhimaan. Raj entertains classes as well as masses equally. Go and watch the film in big screen to get entertained along with the rest of the crowds!!

Reviewed By :Souvik Saha.