Samaj Sebi dedicates their 73rd Durga Puja to the visually impaired

In a world where everyone is too busy appreciating the celebration of
aesthetics, Samaj Sebi Sangha chose to celebrate immaterialism by dedicating
their 73rd Durga Puja to the visually impaired people and place an appeal to the
mass for Eye Donation.

This year at Samaj Sebi Sangha mandap two front panels will show Solar and
Lunar Eclipse signifying Donation of eyes and giving back light to the blind;
followed by Braille inscription of Durga Mantra on both sides of the decorated

Unlike all pandals that insist viewers to maintain distance from the artefacts,
Samaj Sebi turns the table by encouraging people to feel the display of thread
and bamboo work to experience the artistry.

Every element at the mandap had been embossed to provide a 360 degree
experience to the unsighted. Face of Ma Durga has been made with screws
which the blind people can touch to feel how Maa looks like. The mandap also
showcases a face with two hands on the eyes which depicts how a blind person
uses their hands as their eyes. Drishti Pradip is dedicated to the sightless.
While a special voice over for this Puja has been recorded by Tollywood
Superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee, the mrinmoyi protima has been moulded by
Parimal Paul.

This year Samaj Sebi has also collaborated with a social organization – Voice of
World, Behala and MP Birla Eye Bank for eye donation camp.

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