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Durga Puja Festivities at The Astor Hotel, Cafe 4/1 and Pour House

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Durga Puja at Kebab-e-Que, The Astor Hotel

What: Bengali Buffet – Bangalir Henshel

Address: 15, Shakespeare Sarani

Date: October 14 and 19

Time: Lunch (12pm – 4pm) and Dinner (7:30pm – 12am)

Price: Rs 1649 plus taxes per person



Magnificent Bengali buffet (vegetarian and non-vegetarian spread) is being specially curated during the Durga Puja along with live entertainment.

On the menu are tempting chop and kebab (murghchakori kebab, mutton sheekh kebab, gandhoraj fish roll palak– o-channadaler kebab,kashmiri chop, piyaz posto narkel bora),

soup (lebu o dhonepatar soup)

main course– Non vegetarian (chingrirmalai curry, matirharirmangsho, dakhai murgir roast, pomfret aamadasorshe, nababi mangshor tikia,piyaj morich morolamaacher chorchori)

Vegetarian (purbhorachanar kofta curry, piyaj lanka kosha alurdum,phulkopir roast, enchor- er- kalia, mochhar ghonto, hingnar kolicholar dal)

Fries or bhaja (masala beguni, kumrobhaja,potolbhaja,kakrolbhaja,korolabhaja, jhurejhurealoobhaja)

Chaat o ghugni (alookablichanna chat, maidanernarkolighooghni, dal pakoda, dhokla chat, churmur chat)

Mocktails or sorbot (golapdaab- er- sorbot, anarosaarpudinarshorbot, doigandharajghol, him sitalpodatomatorsurua), bharta (kuchochingrirbhorta,dimer bhorta,oalerbhorta,dharaserbhorta, tomato bhorta,begun bhorta,pepebhorta)

Salad and chutney (pakatetuler chutney,anaraser chutney, tomato chutney,kachumbar salad, onkuritomuger salad, bhapakasundirsabjir salad, peper chutney, aamsatto aar khejurer  chutney, senka papad, masala papad, sabudana papad, vinegar onion, lebu o lankarachar, raasuneracahr, kachaameracharlanka, patilebu)

Rice and breads (ghee diyekaraisutir-o– sabjirpulao, sadabhaat, butter naan, tawaparantha, radhaballavi)

Dessert komolabogh, mistidoi, zafranibadamisemaipayesh, sandesh platter, cream caramel custard, malairosogolla,and chana r jilipi.

Durga Puja at Cafe 4/1


What: Mexican Food Festival

Address: 4/1 Camac Street

Date: Till October 24

Time: Lunch (12pm – 4pm) and Dinner (7:30pm – 12am)

Price: Rs 800 plus taxes per person



The festive season is approaching and nothing can be better than a delectable selection of unique yet delicious menu to back up the fun. Be spoilt for choice this season at Café 4/1 as you enjoy a laid back and relaxed meal with your family and friends every day. Savour an exotic spread of Mexican delights as the venue hosts Mexican food festival on till October 24.

Treat your taste buds with a variety of dishes on offer that includes lip-smacking starters like Empanadas, Taco, Tortilla Soup Platter, Avocado Cold Soup while the must try dishes in the main course would be Chimichanga Burrito Rolls, Mole Poblano and lastly the dessert section serves Sopaipilla Mexicana and Paletas among other dishes.

Durga Puja Lunch at Pour House

What: Festive Buffet

Address: Meghatherm Tower Block- Gp Plot- L1 Near RDB Cinemas Sector- V

Date: October 16, 17 and 18

Time: Lunch (12.30pm – 3.30pm)

Price: Rs 579 all inclusive





Dal Bara

Veg Grill Pizza

Crispy Chilly Baby Aloo

Tandoori Babri Aloo

Non-Veg : –

Chicken Supreme

Chichen Popcorn

Chicken Lollipop

Chilli Fish

Panco Fish Finger

Afghani Murgh

Main course:



Veg Manchurian

Paneer Butter Masala

Dal Makhani

Veg Biryani


Kochi Patha Jhol

Chicken Kasa

Fish Kasundi


Assorted Indian Breads (Nan/Tandoori Roti/Laccha Paratha)


Green Salad



Brownie with Ice-cream

Gulab Jamun


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