72nd Independence Day the city witnessed a unique mixture of Cultural Programs organized by “Art & Rhythm”

12th August 2018 at the peak of the monsoon season and on verge of the 72nd Independence Day the city witnessed a unique mixture of Cultural Programs organized by “Art & Rhythm”, an institution slowly growing up to have a foothold in the Music Industry. Aptly named “Monsoon Medley” the program showcased some young and budding talents but the main line up included some dance routines by underprivileged children. Most of these children come from deprived backgrounds who had to face the agony and fight to make both ends meet on a day to day basis.

It was heartwarming to see these children pour all their heart to the performance they were giving in the biggest stage they have ever received to showcase their talent in front of an almost full Auditorium, CLT Aban Mahal. To keep to the mood of the occasion they performed on a medley of six of Tagore’s gems based on Monsoon. Then came a unique concept of celebrating the upcoming Independence Day through a folk dance collage from various parts of India which ended on the high note of celebrating the unity in diversity through a dance routine on “Made in India”.
In between all these dance routines there were guest performances from folk legend Swapan Basu (Chief Guest), Siddhartha Sankar “Sidhu” Ray and highlighted by a beautifully done instrumental collage by Indrajit Dey (on Melodica) and Partha Pratim Roy (on Violin).

Students from Art & Rhythm also had a special performance on songs like “Maa”, “Give me some sunshine”, “Prithibi ta naki chhoto hote hote / Na Jane Koi”. There was a special performance from Swastik Chakraborty, a seven year old boy wonder on Keyboards who highlighted the evening with his flawless and confident playing where he kept switching from one song to another like a pro.

The principle of “Art & Rhythm” Sumeli Chakraborti said, “It was always my dream to help out underprivileged children and provide them with a platform to showcase their talent, a dream which at last saw the daylight after years of meticulous planning. Some of us are privileged to be born in backgrounds where we can afford to give time to performing arts and the stage always seems to be within our reach. And then there are children whose dreams often end on a full meal at least once a day. For them, the stage is at some other planet on a different dimension. I had the means to make them believe that they can dream too. If some of these little angels can break the roof and grab the brass ring I would feel that my endeavor was successful. I feel so proud of them today. They have given their full effort to make this program successful. God bless them all. The way they were glowing with happiness after each of their performance amidst audience’s applause, I am really happy for them.”

Kudos to “Art & Rhythm” and Sumeli & her team for lighting up the dampness of monsoon and presenting a beautiful evening of song and dance, and take home all but good memories.

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