Special screening of Bengali Film Aaleya

The special screening of the recently released Bengali film Aaleya took place in the presence of director Humayun Kabir, Aniket Chattopadhyay, Pradip Churiwal, Savvy, Tonushree and others.




The film revolves around Sumana, a lady sub-inspector gets to know that Altaf, a criminal would be visiting the
Blue Moon Bar, and turns up there with his police associates to arrest him. However,
situations get out of control and Altaf escapes after a round of bullets.

As consequence, Sumana is transferred to Hasnabad where she comes to know of
Aaleya, her childhood friend’s murder which she dusts off from the files and reopen the

The story crawls, accelerated by thrill as Aaleya’s murder, her child-marriage, the
Gujarat communal riot influence, comes up.
The film is about how Sumana goes through lanes of danger to solve the crime.
The cinema explores thriller in new light, and is led in the hands of a lady, who has one
single motive- to unwrap year old crime and punish the criminals.

The film is running at  halls and multiplexes in the city.

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