Poster and Trailer launch of Pani Phol.

It is true that woman is inclined towards Love, warmth, softness. If you give her a smile, she’ll bestow her heart in front of you , but most of the time they don’t get what they deserve. Woman are punished if they don’t conceive a baby. The society bluntly ignores the fact that what if the problem lies with the husband. What if he is impotent? What if he is suppressing the harsh truth? No one is bothered or concerned about that fact, and it is the woman who goes through the harsh condition. Well, this was the theme of ‘Paniphal’ movie whose poster and trailer was launched on 14th July at Press club.

This is the first initiative taken by Banerjee Film Production. Along with Director Porichoy Chatterjee, the whole star cast was present at the event. Actor Bidesh Hazra, Puja, Subhomoy, and Emon are the 4 lead characters in this film. The music is composed by Sanjib Das and interestingly this 70-minute movie has only 2 songs. According to the Director Porichoy Chatterjee, “This movie is a feature documentary. We won’t release it as a commercial flick. Hope the trailer is interesting and the audience loves it. We are planning to screen this movie for International Festival.” “What a woman should do, if she is in such a position, she needs to protest and protect herself and raise her voice against such situation.” adds the director.

At the same platform they have announced and unvail the poster of their next venture which is named “Manobshunya”. Presently they are doing the pre production and scheduled to hit the floor after Durga puja.

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