Taste The Rainbow Jelly : Soukarya Ghoshal’s upcoming film

If anything on this earth we, Bengalis can spend illimitably that is food. A delicious
‘Mangsher jhol’ can give your Sunday lunch a tinge of royalty, likewise a bland coffee keep
the ability to ruin your day. In a word, our mood is very much dependable on what we eat.
But what will happen if we start consuming food aiming to feel in a certain way? Director
Soukarya Ghoshal‘s next film ‘Rainbow Jelly’ will take you to that land of reverie where your
sweet, sour or spicy craving will play with your emotion throughout the day. India’s first
food-fantasy film ‘Rainbow Jelly’ depicts the story of ‘Ghoton’ who being an autistic orphan
boy is deprived of the love and affection like other kids of his age. Continuously tortured by
his maternal uncle and mocked as ‘awpoyar chhele’ (son of unlucky woman) by his fellow
neighborhood, Ghoton earnestly desires to escape from the harsh reality and dreams that
one day his world would be perfect with joy and happiness. His life takes an unexpected
turn when he meets ‘Poripisi’, mysterious lady who cooks magical dish ‘Rainbow Jelly’
containing all seven tastes Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, Pungent, Astringent & Bitter,
illuminating all the seven colours of the world.


Mahabrata Basu, a 13-year- old boy who features the protagonist of the story ‘Ghoton’, was
struck by septicaemia an hour after his birth. If the reel Ghoton can experience the glimpse
of fortune or not will be revealed in the film, but in no doubt Rainbow Jelly is the eye-
witness of the victory of Real ‘Ghoton’ who after undergoing a methodical workshop for the
movie, is no more a pupil of a special school; now he is just like another school-going guy
next door, mugging up all the lessons by heart and recalling them during exam without any
flaws. Playing the role of ‘Poripisi’, actress Sreelekha Mitra is appearing in the silver screen
in a new look.
To see if Ghoton’s gleeful fantasy merges with the food-fantasy of Poripisi, hit the theatre
on  25th May.

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