Take the weight off yourself: this Mother’s Day with Turtle Limited!

Turtle Limited, one of India’s leading men’s lifestyle brands, has created a YouTube video
to celebrate Mother’s Day which breaks through the clutter. The film very subtly pays tribute to motherhood
by showing a man who readily took up the challenge of carrying an average weight of a baby in stage of
pregnancy around his belly for 9 days but surrenders after a week, confessing his discomfort while carrying.

The video has been unique as it delivers the value of motherhood through a hard-hitting technique. The
protagonist in this video, has taken up the challenge to experience the last phase of motherhood for 9 days
only. He was given an artificial belly weighing an average baby weight to carry with him until he completes
his challenge. On day 1, the man could easily pull off the challenge and seemed relaxed and happy. On day
2, 3 & 4, the man faced little difficulties in terms of carrying out his daily chores. On day 5, 6 & 7 the man
understood the difficulties and pain that a would-be mother undergoes. It was not only extremely difficult
for him but it was physically challenging for him as he found it hard to breath and even could not get a
restful sleep. The protagonist could not sustain the weight on his body anymore and ultimately surrendered
on day 7 of the challenge period. In today’s digital age where people are more worried about the external
pomp and show, Turtle aims to highlight the inner substance and emotion in a man’s life inspired by a
mother’s journey.

The core idea behind creating this video is to portray the journey a woman carrying her child for 9 months.
A mother prepares herself for the challenge of motherhood without any complaints gifted by Mother Nature.
This feeling is something that no one can fathom. Only a true mother’s love enables her to overcome these
challenges while carrying her baby.
Commenting on the concept, Mr. Sanjay Jhunjhunwala, Managing Director, Turtle Limited said, “It’s time a
brand that sets style trends among men, sets them on a journey of self-realization. And what better way to
do that than by reminding a son on Mother’s Day, the true weight of motherhood.”


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