February 18, 2019
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Launch of Shining Films short film “Live Story”

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Launch of short film “Live Story” was held at Level Seven.




Somraj Maity, Ayoshi Talukdar, Tarannum Haque, Antasheela Ghosh, Kuntal De, Ravi Shaw, Priyanka Mondal, Awrko Roy and other eminent personalities from the glamour industry were present at the launch.



the film which has been directed by Sanjay Bhattacharya and Produced by Shining Films banner. stars Somraj, Ayoshi Talukdar, Indranil.



The story is about a modern day couple Adity & Rishi who stay
together, but just like modern day relationships the fragile side
of their story comes forward in crisis. Most of the time we tend
to run away from problems instead of facing them. Most of the

time we try the way out to escape. Adity and Rishi also face a
similar difficulty when there is a sex tape. What happens later is
the crux of he story!

Watch The Film Now :



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