All of that came together after 8 years as she makes a come back on the stage with her hour long monologue RANGINI.

Rangini is a tale of a struggling performer. In this journey Rangini learns and unlearns
lessons on life, love and work and is portrayed by the very talented Gargee through a series
of characters that she continuously moulds into during this odyssey in search of the true
meaning of life.

The plot blossoms with a series of songs ranging from Bengali folk to modern (ADHUNIK)
music and time tested European tunes also.The script adds narration in terms of poetry and
dramatic delight.

Rangini narrates her journey from a sub-urban setting to a metro, betrayed in love and left to
fend for her. However, her undying spirit urges her to fight alone as she struggles to find her
foot as a singer and actor while she dares to accept the challenge of single motherhood.
Rangini's monologue with her unborn child makes her a woman of substance.
Embedded in a simple form and narrative, the presentation by Gargee is vibrant and a proof
of her skill sets that leads to a sense of sublime.

aningful content
aided by simple stage ornamentation, live music and illuminate on creates a different
dimension on the stage.

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